BNB Renewable Energy Holdings LLC (“BNB”), founded in 2004, develops renewable energy projects, both wind and solar, in the US market. Based on their success with developing a 180 MW wind farm in Texas, BNB is actively developing a select group of renewable energy projects in Ohio, New Jersey, and Texas where BNB has leased over 200,000 acres. In Texas, BNB was one of the eleven original interveners who petitioned the PUC for new transmission upgrades. Those upgrades comprise $5.2 Billion dollars of new transmission lines dedicated to carry wind and solar energy from West Texas to load centers in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. On its Texas acreage, BNB has plans to construct two wind farms each of 250 MW, and two solar projects totaling in excess of 600 MW. BNB is executing its five‐year goal of developing an additional gigawatt of renewable generation in the USA. As part of this goal, BNB is also active in the development of “inside the fence” renewable energy generation projects and is working with schools, Universities, and Fortune 500 companies on various sites across the US.