Bull Creek Wind

In 2005, BNB began development of what would become the 180MW, 30,000-acre Bull Creek wind farm now in operation in Borden County, Texas. Having acquired the principal leases, filed for interconnection, retained the required permits for construction, initiated the tax-abatement process, and monitored and studied the wind regime BNB sold 51 percent of its interest in Bull Creek to Eurus Energy America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power and Toyota. Under a joint development agreement, Eurus and BNB continued to mature the Bull Creek development, securing a Mitsubishi turbine contract, obtaining full tax abatement, and securing an interconnection agreement by summer of 2007. Just prior to commencement of construction, BNB sold its remaining interest in Bull Creek Phase 1 to Eurus, and it retains a gross proceeds interest in the wind farm and continues to be involved in Bull Creek.


Project Stats:

  • Location: Borden County, Texas
  • Size: 180MW
  • Technology: Mitsubishi MHI-1000 wind turbines (69-meter hub height)
  • Status: Operational (2008)