BNB Renewable Energy offers two lines of service in both wind and solar development, focusing on both large, grid-connected utility-scale systems and "inside-the-fence" generation for Fortune 500 and privately-owned companies throughout North and Latin America.  BNB services include project analysis, design/engineering, construction, finance (through investors or joint venture partners), ownership, and operation/maintenance services.



BNB delivers turnkey, utility-grade wind and solar power plants at grid-parity pricing that provide long-term performance and reliability. BNB has a proven track record in utility-scale project development, component supply, EPC services, and development partnerships and can provide fully financeable solutions for virtually any renewable energy portfolio. BNB focuses on our customers' grid requirement needs and delivers renewable energy projects at competitive prices, reliably and on time.


At BNB, we are experts in project evaluation of inside-the-fence wind and solar development. We work directly with our commercial clients to determine the most efficient and effective way to implement renewable energy programs on available land, rooftops, and carports. We can provide no-upfront-cost solutions in the form of a power purchase agreement (PPA), or design and build a system for direct sale to the business owner. These projects provide corporations, businesses, and commercial real estate owners/operators the opportunity to both stabilize and offset energy costs with the production of green energy.

BNB services include site and technical system evaluation; feasibility studies/analyses; project development; financing strategies; legal and fiscal structuring; permitting and approval procedures; and technical operations and maintenance.

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