Paris Solar & Wind

Two renewable power plants are under development for the Campbell Soup facility in Paris, Texas:  an inside-the-fence, 8.5MW wind farm, generating electricity from five wind turbines (80-meter hub height), and a utility-scale solar array on 400-plus acres on the periphery of Campbell Soup’s property. BNB has collected and studied more than a year’s worth of wind data for the farm, which would span the property and generate about 25 million kWh per year. To complement the wind generation, BNB is studying a solar development of up to 50MW, supplying another 25 million kWh to Campbell’s operations.  

Both projects are among several BNB is developing for Campbell Soup throughout the United States. Campbell is engaged in a historical, company-wide sustainability effort, with the goal of sourcing 40 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020. In April of 2012, after a competitive request for proposals, Campbell awarded BNB the exclusive right to develop, own and operate renewable power plants across its North American sites.


Project Stats:

  • Location: Paris, Texas
  • Size: 8.5MW (wind) / 50MW (solar)
  • Technology: Utility-scale wind turbines / ground-mounted tracker solar panels
  • Status: Mid-stage development